Jill Bergman's Lilies Linocut with Gouache

Jill Bergman is a Steamboat Springs, Colorado-based printmaker and illustrator. She recently finished this wonderful Lilies linocut, which is printed on 16” x 24” Rives BFK paper.


After printing the black floral image with Gamblin Relief Ink from a carved linoleum block, she painted the flowers and butterflies with gouache. I really like the striking contrast between the rich, black ink and the colorful accents. Since the black ink is oil-based, it doesn’t run when painted. If you’d like to watch Jill’s printmaking techniques, check out her Instagram feed where she demonstrated the carving and painting of the lilies.

Lilies was made in an edition of 20 prints and is part of a series of garden flower prints Jill is creating - right now she’s working on an Echinacea piece. You can see much more of Jill’s work on her website.

Photos courtesy of Jill Bergman

Lyle B. Yeaton on the Art of Linocut Printmaking

I’ve been delving into the history of linocut and have a stack of books from the 1920’s and 1930’s on my desk. I can’t get this quote out of my head as I sit in front of an uncut block of lino contemplating my next project.

THE art of designing, cutting and printing linoleum blocks is easily mastered. No special skill is required, no long course of study is involved, and no material investment is needed for equipment. The primary requisites are good eyesight, a steady hand, and patience. (Yeaton 11)

Source: Yeaton, L. B. (1931). Linoleum Block Printing for the Amateur. New York: Yeaton Press. This book is in the public domain.