Immigration and Border Crossing Print by Deirdre Weinberg

The subject of this post’s linocut is very topical. The artist, Deirdre Weinberg, addresses immigration and border crossing in her submission.

Her artwork measures 12" x 18" and has mixed media layers of monoprint, screenprint and linocut (printed in that order). You can find a gallery of her prints, murals (I really like the trash cans) and paintings on her website.

Photo Courtesy of Deirdre Weinberg

Cat Reduction Linocut Video by Ingeborg Leeftink

Ingeborg Leeftink, from the Netherlands, is working on a series of ten colorful cat lino prints. One of her most recent prints is a reduction linocut with eight layers. In this YouTube video, Ingeborg, whose studio is called Borgart, shows how the individual layers build up to form the final image.

You’ll notice in the video that she uses the pin method of registering her prints to make sure that each layer is aligned correctly. The lino print image measures 19 x 19 cm and is part of a limited edition of 12 prints on Somerset 300 gsm paper. You can see more of Ingeborg’s work and process at her website and Etsy store.

Self-Portrait Lino Print by Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett, aka Jagger Studio, is a graphic designer, artist and printmaker in Leeds, who did this linocut self-portrait for his new business card design. It’s a reduction print with four colors: orange, yellow, sky blue, and a darker blue. He made a mask on the linoleum block with tape to print the orange background, and I really like the effect that layer adds to the overall image.

Lino Print self-Portrait by steve Bennett

Lino Print self-Portrait by steve Bennett

Steve wrote a recent blog post about his method, which I encourage you to read. It’s useful if you want to learn a bit about masking and using an iPad in planning a print.

creating a mask on the Linoleum block

creating a mask on the Linoleum block

You can see other versions of Steve’s self-portrait on Instagram. He’s also done some excellent portraits of musicians like Thom Yorke and David Bowie.

Photos Courtesy of Steve Bennett